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white, marvin, star, boy, mountain

Today's Journal Entry....duuh! lol. =]

Okay so, this morning I woke up on the most soft, most comfortable mattress ever! It was like heaven. I woke up, got ready for school, got in the car and took Marvin and Elena to school. Afterwards I went to school. It was great. 1st Period, I had a test on context clues and after I was done, I was free to go, which was about 20 minutes after class started...so I was out for lunch from 9:30 to 11:30, a whole 3 hours! I ate a bowl of Kellogs Raisin Bran cereal with some tea and a brownie. Then I did some homework...boring, I know. 3 Hours passed really fast. (Hey that rhymed! Passed really fast haha!) So I went to my 2nd period class and we had a test in there too. 10 minutes after I got into the class, I finished the test and I was free to go, again. So I walked around the bookstore, which has a gas-station without the gas haha. I bought my sister a Phsycology book, she says she wants to be a Phsycologist when she gets older. Then later I went to my 4th period class thinking that was next. I looked at my phone and it was 12:20. I thought to myself "I get out at 3:50...where did they other hour go?". Then I realized that I had another class before the one I was waiting at haha. So I ran back to the B building. When I got to my next class, I saw a class still in there...so I got out my schedule, and my next class didn't start until 1:00! So I had 30 minutes to waste... ugh! I just sat outside in the patio with the huge blue water fountain and read the book I got my sister...I got into it because the first chapter was all about pregnancy! =] Anyways, 30 minutes went by...I got up and walked to my class. In my 3rd period, we had group therapy stuff and then she let us go early as well. After that, I went all the way back to the A building where I had my last period class, where I was before. Lol. In that class, we had to write letters to our best friends about a horrible roommate we had at Georgetown University and another letter to the Dean of Housing. Phew, exhausting! Finally school was over, and I had a horrible ache in my shoulder from my heavy ass backpack. (Oh, by the way, I had to buy another book today! That's 4 books total in my backpack, throughout the whole day! Wow!) So I went home thinking I was going to pack and get ready to stay the night at Marvins, (because he closes his work tomorrow night), and he texts me saying "were you staying the night tonight?". So I replied "yes, why!?". Knowing there was more bad news, he texts me back saying "you can't tonight either, because I have to run some errands, which involve you. =]". So of course, I got sad because now I can't see him until Tuesday! How horrible! So yea, I am very sad now... humph! Well, thank you for reading my whole days events...until next time.


white, marvin, star, boy, mountain

December 2010

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