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white, marvin, star, boy, mountain

Doctor's Office..... =[

This morning I woke up with a major pain in my bladder/abdomin. I told my dad, I'm gonna go with you to pick up Marvin and take Elena and Marvin to school then I'm gonna go back to bed when we get home. So I thought I was going in my pajamas, when my mom told me to get dressed and that she'll take me to the doctor's after we drop off Elena and Marvin. So the good thing about today is that I got to see Marvin.....for 2 minutes. So after she dropped them off, I got in the front seat and we went down McRae to Alameda to some place called San Vicente. We went in expecting to be seen by the doctor as a walk-in. Instead, we had to register to be a patient there. So we sat in our seats for about 2 or 3 hours until they finally called us to register. We went in the office and all she spoke was spanish.... I hate that! So my mom had to translate for me. After we were finally done registering, we had to sign in to be seen by the doctor. At 9:30, they told us we would be seen by 11:30...then 11:30 came around and then they told us that they were going out to lunch and I won't be seen until 12:30... so I got freaken pissed! I started cussing and whaling my arms in the air. On top of all of that, I didn't eat breakfast because I thought we would just be there until 10 or 11. So I got a huge headache. My mom went to the counter and complained her ass off. They finally told us that we could go next door and get some food while we wait. So we did. When we sat down to eat, my back felt like it went out. Ugh! So yes, I started crying badly. I sipped on some green tea, and soon afterwards, I felt better. We went back to the doc's office, and we were finally seen. My temperature was 95.4.....or something like that....a whole 3 degrees lower than normal! She called me a freak haha. So then she had me do a urine test. It was hard for me to pee because 1.I have a bladder infection, and 2.I already peed at the resturaunt. After I got done, we went into the room she put us in. We were in there for a good 20 minutes when the doctor came in and said they found blood in my urine. Okay then. So we got to talking about that and about my allergies. For people that have allergies, and are reading this....she told me to take any medication that ends in D....for example: Claritin-D, Zantac-D...etc., but take them everyday even if you don't have allergies that day. If you do that, your allergies will eventually dissappear. If not, yell at her, not me. Anyways, after that we had to go all the way back to waiting room and wait for them to fill out our prescriptions. After 10 minutes of more sitting, they finally gave it to me. So we then walked all the way across the bug building to the pharmacy where we had to wait for 5 minutes and then they called my name and I handed them my prescription. Then they said it won't be ready for another 2 hours! So my mom got frustrated and said "We're leaving and coming back at 4!" So now I'm waiting till 4 so we can drive all the way back to Alameda to pick up my meds. Haha! I also picked up some cheesecake for myself and for my baby, Marvin, but he won't be able to eat his until I see him on Tuesday, haha loser! Well, that's all for now. Keep reading my journal entries. And thank you for reading them by the way.


white, marvin, star, boy, mountain

December 2010

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