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white, marvin, star, boy, mountain

My Weekend.....Without My Hubby. =[

I had a very tough weekend. I haven't spent this long without Marvin. I miss him soo much! My stomach felt all sick, and I could hardly sleep, because I didn't know what he was up to, or where he was...but then I realized, maybe I'm too over-protective. I don't want to be like that. I wanna be the one he loves and the one he can't live without. He took me to his aunt and uncle's house, and they told me his ex just stayed in the car the whole time. He looked at me with so much love because I wanted to hang out with his family. He and I used to text a lot when he's at school, but now when I text him, he doesn't answer me back. I feel like crying so badly. But I have to get used to the fact that he's really busy with school, working till midnight and whatnot. I just want us, to be us again. He doesn't kiss me the way he used to. I miss it. He said that we're going bowling tomorrow, and I just can't wait! Marvin taught me a lot. Not to be jealous, just because he hugs a girl for a minute or two. Not to worry about him because he's a guy and he knows how to fight back. Not to be wondering where he is or what he's doing because he will always love me, and he won't hurt me like the others did. But the thing is, no matter what he tells me, I will always have this feeling in the back of my head telling me to be extra careful with him. I don't want him, my best friend in the whole world, to hurt me. He means so much to me, I don't know what I would do without him. Anyways, my weekend sucked big time without Marvin! My parents saw how lonely and sad I was, so they tried to keep me busy to get my mind off of him. They had me going shopping, helping take down christmas decorations (yes we still had them up), and so much more. But no matter what I did, I still missed him like there was no tomorrow. I never thought I could love anyone this hard, this much. But since I started dating Marvin, it's like my perspective of Love has changed, and now I am in a deep love for him. I hate not knowing where he is. I want to be with him. But I know I can't always be there. I have to trust him to make the right decisions. And I do trust him, it's other people I don't trust. I love you Marvin, and if you're reading this, know that I always will. You're my shining star, my sillygoose, my best friend, my shoulder to cry on, my laughter, my tears, my happiness, my sorrow, my every feeling, my reason for waking up with a smile on my face, my hope, my north star, my lover, my hunk of white chocolate, my handsome little (legal) graffiti artist, my headache, my medicine, my future husband, my white boy, my marvin the martian, my starving marvin, you ARE my everything baby! I love and miss you soooooo much. Till next time.


white, marvin, star, boy, mountain

December 2010

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