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white, star, marvin, boy, mountain

A week since my last journal entry.......=]

So Marvin and I are great now. We really needed that break haha. My last entry was when we went to the walk for the Breast Cancer Cure. Well, last Friday, Marvin picked me up from my house and he told me he wanted to take me to dinner. He had me guessing and guessing and guessing where he was taking me. Soon afterwards, he pulled into the Red Lobster parking lot! I love Red Lobster! =] So we got out and saw bunches of people standing outside. We went in and asked how long the wait was. Almost 45 minutes, we sat outside on the barely standing benches. I took pictures of us, like I always do when I'm bored lol. (Which reminds me, I need to put those up on myspace haha.) Anyways, 45 minutes went by, and our buzzer went off telling us to go inside. The lady walked us to our booth and said "It's romantic for you two." We sat down, and waited...and waited. lol. I think about 5 mintues went by until a waitress came by and got our orders. Sooner than I thought, we were eating a wonderful meal or crab legs, lobster tail, shrimp, and broccoli. MMMMMM. Lol. Well, after that, we went to pick up our friend Squishy. We wanted to go visit an old friend that night, but he wasn't home all night long. So instead, we drove around until Marvin's mom calls us and says "I got us another cat, come to the Legion right now to pick it up." So we got back in the car and picked up the cat. Black, white, and scared to death it was. Lol. We left it at home and took Squishy back to his place. The next morning, was Saturday, February 27, 2010. My niece Iana had barely turned one year old on Friday. Today (Saturday) is her birthday party at Peter Piper on Airways. It was fun. Marvin and I played air hockey, our favorite game. We had pizza and coke and hot wings. They were delicious. After a while, they started opening her presents. She was wearing a little princess crown that kept falling off of her, so Nicci (my sister) slapped it onto Issac's head, he just smiled. He looked so happy being a father. Nicci not so much, she looked stressed. I felt bad that I was having fun and she didn't. The party ended happily. We took Marvin to the Legion to pick up the car. Then my family took off to Wal-Mart, did some shopping, went home. My dad wants to get a car for me. Hopefully a Green 2008 Ford Focus. I can't wait! =] Anyways, Sunday comes around and my best friend, Amanda Alvarez just joined some job for Cutco, mostly knives and/or other kitchen utensils. So she came over, did a presentation, and we ended up buying 3 knives, and a free set of spoons and these really sharp scissors that cut through penies! So yea, we bought that. Then I realized that Marvin had no way to get to his house, so I asked Amanda if she could take us (I stayed the night again), and she said yes, so she did. Lol. Then Marvin and I went to his house, we played xbox for a good hour or so. Then his mom was ready to get picked up. So we got her, then she had us go to Wendy's and we got some burgers, I got a coffee toffee. MMM. =] But yea, now I am here at home, finishing up homework due tomorrow and writing this. Till next time.


white, star, marvin, boy, mountain

December 2010

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